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First, a confession: I'm a Microsoft SQL Server plebe. Oh, sure, I've written plenty of SQL commands for Access, Foxpro and even an occasional Oracle database, but the needs of more than one client called out for me to tackle SQL Server. Have you traveled down this road yet? Maybe you've tried to set up an OLEDB connection only to be stymied by the terminology, or perhaps connection failures stopped you? You're not alone. I searched through multiple books, Books Online and the Allaire Forums without success. Judging from the comments of others I met in the forums, setting up an OLEDB connection has caused quite a few programmers to lose their sanity. Like many ColdFusion programmers, I would normally just turn to ODBC links to handle the connection for me. When I moved into SQL Server, though, I decided to upgrade my skill with the CFQUERY command and take advantage... (more)

Enhancing Verity Search Results

Your customer says, "I want my site search to include all of my regular site pages and my data-based items as well. When my customer clicks on the link, I want it to show the correct page. Oh, and I want all occurrences of the searched phrase to be highlighted in yellow." Back at your desk, you follow the book and plug in the parameters for each page. The databased entries are a little more difficult, but you figure it out and run the program to populate the Verity search engine. The items in the static pages are found okay, but none of the data-based content appears correctly - ... (more)

Build a Better Help Screen

The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service had lived with their ColdFusion-based, accomplishment-reporting Web site for about a year. The application allowed employees to report field accomplishments to area managers who then edited and released the reports for internal-only or public review on their Web site, or via e-mail or fax to the media or Congress. I had used a fairly standard frame layout with a header, logo corner, left menu, and main area. Additionally, there was a narrow strip under the title where a drop-down selector and a user identifier were loaded when field reps signed i... (more)

The Trouble with Macs

Some of us have trouble just trying to get CFFILE to upload an image correctly and put it in its proper place, without having a Macintosh user report that it doesn't work for him or her. Diligently searching the Macromedia ColdFusion forums provided the base solutions for me, and I packaged those fixes with my own touches to create a custom file upload tag for you. I realize that there are a number of areas where Windows developers pull their hair out when it comes time to test the code on a Mac. I don't have the solution for all of the problems I read about on the forums, but I... (more)